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Some of the more interesting or userful programs I've done. Everything here is compressed with RAR. You'll need a copy of rar for your system to uncompress these files. RAR can be downloaded from www.rarsoft.com.
  • Apache 2:
    • Mod Limits
      A module to limit the maximum number of concurrent connections to a virtual host. Based off of mod_vhost_limits, but for Apache 2. Windows and Linux tested and the source is included. Actually, only the source is included; you'll need to compile it yourself. ;)
      Download: mod_limits.rar.

  • Virtual Dub Filters:
    • Border Correction
      A Virtual Dub plugin to try to digitally correct the 'bending' caused by overmodulation on video recordings. The 'bending' effect is sometimes also seen on old recordings, when the tape has slightly deteriorated.

      Download: BrdCorrect10.rar